If you are an owner of a sinkhole home or suspect that you are an owner of a sinkhole damaged home, please understand that you have options to repair and keep, repair and sell or sell your sinkhole home un-repaired.

If you are searching for a sinkhole home buyer, look no further. We will buy your unrepaired sinkhole damaged home and offer you top dollar when you sell the damaged house. Selling your sinkhole home to an investor is an easy process if you choose the right person to sell to, one that will have your best interest at hand. We have been serving Florida since 1991. Buying and selling sinkhole damaged homes is one of our specialties.

A sinkhole is a costly "incident" that occurs naturally and frequently in and around Florida real estate causing stress and financial difficulties for the unrepaired sinkhole homeowner. Sinkhole often means your home will shift and crack for the rest of the life of the home-- for which the repairs and costs can be devastating. Sinkhole means homeowners will become exhausted in an effort to recover monetary losses from your insurance company, only to find out that you are not covered for the total amount of damage caused by the sinkhole. 

If you do have a Florida sinkhole home, "get a good engineer and adhere to their recommendations." Depending on the recommendations, you may decide that it would be in your best interest to part with (sell) your home. This does not necessarily mean ALL is lost. However difficult, it's good to know that there are helpful resources. We are here to help you sell your sinkhole home and to help you make a smooth transition. We understand what you are going through and can make you a very good offer for your unrepaired sinkhole home.

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